Experts Predict That Machine Learning Will Come Into Play To Comprehend, Learn, Forecast, Adapt And Potentially Function Autonomously

Despite some massive strides over the past few years where machine learning (ML) even assisted and enhanced the core search engine algorithm of Google, we have witnessed its use to just a limited variety of applications. In 2017, machine learning and AI is set to encompass more domains. With technologies such as neural networks, deep … Continue reading “Experts Predict That Machine Learning Will Come Into Play To Comprehend, Learn, Forecast, Adapt And Potentially Function Autonomously”

Intelligent Apps Over The Next 3 Years

For technology vendors, 2017 to at least 2020 will be the primary battleground for creating intelligent systems that can be made to learn, adapt and potentially act on their own (autonomously) unlike their predecessors that simply carried out predefined instructions. According to Gartner, intelligent apps will be one of the top strategic technology trends of … Continue reading “Intelligent Apps Over The Next 3 Years”

AI and Automation – The Buzz Words In 2017

Automated customer service has been around for long but this year, automation is going to touch new heights by extending its ambit to newer fields. So, apart from making automated customer service better, AI and chatbots – with their better understanding of context, will automate even online customer service. More and more jobs will benefit … Continue reading “AI and Automation – The Buzz Words In 2017”

5 Questions To Ask When Investing

Investing in a business brings with it potential risks together with the lure of significant returns. Whether you are investing in a startup or an existing business, you can never predict with surety whether you will get a profitable deal or walk away with nothing. Yet, you won’t find a dearth of venture capitalists and … Continue reading “5 Questions To Ask When Investing”

Social Impact Investing: An Effective Way of Investment

Since the last century, many charitable organizations and governments around the world have invested tremendous efforts to address various social problems like poverty, disease, lack of education etc. They are continually trying hard to fund their social commitments to eliminate these problems. Though social impact investing has come under the radar lately, it holds great … Continue reading “Social Impact Investing: An Effective Way of Investment”

Tech Innovation History

Some innovative and revolutionary ideas have changed the technology landscape over the last few years. From leveraging nanotechnology in the healthcare, agricultural and IT sector, to creating energy-efficient green systems driven by alternative fuel, combating diseases with biotechnology and genetic engineering, or bettering lives with new materials technology, tech innovation is noticed almost everywhere. From … Continue reading “Tech Innovation History”

Understanding Venture Capital

Venture capital is one of the various available financing choices that can be immensely beneficial mostly for new entrepreneurs. Here, the money is invested by venture capitalists to help new business owners and those looking to expand their business. As venture capital mainly encompasses start-up firms, it leaves a significant room for potential risk. New … Continue reading “Understanding Venture Capital”