AI and Automation – The Buzz Words In 2017

Automated customer service has been around for long but this year, automation is going to touch new heights by extending its ambit to newer fields. So, apart from making automated customer service better, AI and chatbots – with their better understanding of context, will automate even online customer service.

More and more jobs will benefit from automation in 2017. With the use of AI in smart devices, your devices would learn about your preferences and patterns of use, thus making better and more accurate recommendations and suggestions. For professionals, say journalists, this could be a big game changer as they can multi-task easily and at a rapid pace.

Automated driving with driverless cars is also expected to emerge as a big thing this year as is industrial robotics. Though tests are still carried out under simulated environments, it will be interesting to see how effectively they can be deployed in real life.

GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) are the other buzzword this year. Invented by OpenAI research scientist – Ian Goodfellow, GANs refer to systems consisting of one network that learns from a training set and subsequently generates new data, while another attempts to distinguish between fake and real data. These networks, when working in collaboration, can produce extremely sensible synthetic data. By using this approach, video-game scenery can be generated, pixelated video footages can be de-blurred, or stylistic changes can be made to computer-generated designs. But above all, what makes this approach interesting is that it gives computers a powerful mode to learn from unlabeled data, which many believe is the key to augmenting the intelligence of computers in the forthcoming years.

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