Intelligent Apps Over The Next 3 Years

For technology vendors, 2017 to at least 2020 will be the primary battleground for creating intelligent systems that can be made to learn, adapt and potentially act on their own (autonomously) unlike their predecessors that simply carried out predefined instructions. According to Gartner, intelligent apps will be one of the top strategic technology trends of 2017.

Intelligent apps that consist of technologies like virtual personal assistants (VPAs) can make handling mundane, daily tasks (like prioritizing emails, highlighting interactions and important content etc) faster, easier and efficient. But if you think that intelligent apps just mean new digital assistants, think again. AI-enabled capabilities will be infused in almost all software categories that exist, from enterprise applications to security tooling and more. With the use of AI, the focus of technology providers will be on three key domains namely advanced analytics; interactive, immersive and continuous interfaces powered by AI; and AI-powered business processes that are increasingly becoming autonomous. According to Gartner, a majority of the globe’s largest 200 companies will take advantage of intelligent apps and utilize the complete toolkit of analytics tools and big data by 2018 to improve their offerings and give a boost to their customer experience.

So, let’s wait to see how the intelligent apps evolve and become popular with time.