Tech Innovation History

Some innovative and revolutionary ideas have changed the technology landscape over the last few years. From leveraging nanotechnology in the healthcare, agricultural and IT sector, to creating energy-efficient green systems driven by alternative fuel, combating diseases with biotechnology and genetic engineering, or bettering lives with new materials technology, tech innovation is noticed almost everywhere. From mobile internet and cloud technologies to autonomous vehicles, advanced robotics and 3D printing, tech innovation is changing the world we live in faster for the better.

If you want to assess how far we have come since the industrial revolution of the 19th century, just consider a simple example. The fastest supercomputer in 1975 costed $5 million while an iPhone 4 with similar performance was available just for $400 in 2013.  The digital revolution that started in 1950 with the creation of first electronic computers was soon followed by information revolution, both of which were driven by the innovative idea of connecting people and making sharing of information fast and easy. When you consider the history of the innovation, you will find that every major change induced significant economic and social changes too. Thus, we can say that the history of tech innovation has shaped our today and made us dream for a better tomorrow.

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